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Every city that has built an LRT system – and there are more than 400 around the world – has gone through the exact same angst that Hamilton is going through right now. Change is scary, and it’s hard to imagine the city looking and working differently than it does today.

LRT is investing in Hamilton’s future. Our city can, and will – work better for all Hamiltonians.

Why they support LRT

If they stopped LRT? I think you run the risk of other (investors) shaking their heads and walking away.

Riccardo Persi LIUNA, Secretary Treasurer

LRT is an investment in our future. It is the step we need to take now to ensure our downtown is cmpetitive in the future with the desire for complete streets and the expected population growth.

Kerry Jarvi Downtown BIA, Executive Director

Wow!! Talk about development spur…. @RegionWaterloo is expecting over 6500 residential units along LRT corridor in next 18 months, almost 1.5X what will occur in the entire @cityofhamilton based on 2017 building levels.

Hamilton-Halton Home Builders Association

There’s a strong correlation between development interest we’re seeing and the LRT project.

Jason Thorne

The approach of providing transit based on ridership is no longer acceptable to today’s employers. They are expecting that transit service will be provided from day one … While Hamilton may have a terrific workforce, if they can’t get to where the jobs are that’s a problem.

Anne Tennier Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, President

LRT will be a critical turning point for our city, a great equalizer that brings people together, making transit not just the option for those with less income, but the best option for everyone to get across the city.

Andrew Hibma New Hope Community Bikes, Executive Director

In the big picture, this is what the transformative power of LRT is about: helping our city grow in a way that is more environmentally sustainable, socially equitable, healthy, and economically prosperous.

Dr. Cristopher Higgins McMaster Institute for Transportation and Logistics

There seems to be a troubling attempt to undermine the professionals in this city who are developing a plan for LRT using best practices and look to bring Hamilton finally into the 21{+s}t century — just when we are finally awakening to the need to rebalance our streets to build them for people and businesses on them, not just cars.


Keanin Loomis Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, President

Do you know that [LRT] will create 2,500 jobs? The Federation of Canadian Municipalities hired a consultant in this area and I have a copy on my desk that shows, excluding construction, a billion dollars invested in infrastructure will create 2,500 jobs. Now the construction jobs are on top of that, which will be for four or five years. src:

Lloyd Ferguson City Councillor, Ward 12

It would be foolish to play politics with not just a $1 billion development, but the billions of dollars in developments that I know that are already online in the city [because of LRT].

Matthew Green City Councillor, Ward 3

… seeing billions of dollars on new investment. That is half the reason why we are doing LRT.

Fred Eisenberger Mayor, City of Hamilton


Why Support LRT?

Public transit is the single mother with her child in a stroller on her way to the daycare centre before she goes to work.
Public transit is the high school student getting to class because their family car broke down.
Public transit is the means of getting groceries home.

Public transit is the only means of accessibility to the rest of the city for people who don’t have other options.


Supporting LRT means helping improve peoples lives.

Companies and Organizations across Hamilton support LRT

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